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Five Ways to Improve Outdated Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is a necessary feature in washrooms. With cupboard space for storing items, and a sink to wash hands, a vanity comes in handy. Many homes have an outdated design, however, that could use refreshing. Outdated bathroom vanities cheap can be improved in the following five ways.

Add a New Layer of Paint

Homeowners hoping to keep their existing vanities can still make them look like new by simply adding a fresh coat of paint. Changing the paint color will make the entire vanity look like new, and cover any chipped or dull spaces that were present. Vanities can usually be painted right over, although the color may show better if the existing color is sanded down first.

Change the Faucet

A simple improvement for an old-style vanity is to change out the faucet. If the outdated version was gold, the new one can be silver, providing a completely different look than before. If the homeowner wants to keep the color the same, they can still make an improvement with a different style.

Purchase a Different Mirror

Some vanities come with a mirror attached. Even if the mirror is simply placed above it, it is still part of the overall look of the vanity and can be changed. Removing the original mirror and replacing it with an alternative model is a quick fix to the dated problem.

Attach a Modern Counter-top

Many vanities are made of wood. By applying a different material to the top, it can create a unique counter-top and a completely different design. Granite counter-tops, for example, can be attached to vanities in order to alter their look and add some color. Vanities that already have a counter-top attached can have them removed so a new version can replace it.

Double Up

Vanities are often small in size, offering just enough room for storing belongings. If the vanity does not have quite enough space, then adding a second one may be a practical option. Doubling up on vanities is a simple way to make an improvement. The original doesn’t even have to be changed, yet the look will be altered when a second vanity is placed next to it and the length is extended. This option is not always possible, but can be done in households with a larger bathroom.

Homeowners can easily improve the look of their outdated bathroom vanities with the help of these four methods. Those looking to make improvements can visit Luxury Living Direct to see a selection of new vanities, counter-tops, and other bathroom fixtures. If improvement is not the goal, and an entirely new vanity is needed instead, then a newer, contemporary model can be purcha